Lubrication gear  

Lubrication of open gearings  
With the Lubricus lubrication gear an optimum supply of gearings will be ensured over very long periods of time. Supply of the lubricant is made variably by the Lubricus lubrication system 

Technical data
Material: Polyurethane foam, open cells
Service temperature: -30°C bis +150°C

Speed at surface:

max. 5m/s
Density: 240 kg/m3

LacPaint compatibility:

tested and approved
Application: suitable for oil and grease
Tempered design on request
Lubrication gears for Lubricus - Overview
Item-Nr.   Gearing Modul Width mm.
LAT-SZ-G Lubrication gear straight 2-12 20-120
LAT-SZ-L Lubrication gear inclined left 2-10 20-100
LAT-SZ-R Lubrication gear scinclined right 2-10 20-100

A detailed overview about all sizes is provided in the list of available accessories, other sized on request.

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