Lubrication Method Timing detection sensor catches the chain link in operation and sends a signal to the distribution valve. Receiving the signal, oil pre-accumulated within the distribution valve injects instantly. Oil is supplied to the chain lubrication point through the nozzle.
 Oiling Quantity 0.1 – 1.0 cm3 per place/time (step-less oil adjustment is possible)
 Oiling Capacity          Up to 30 places/time. However, differences may occur according to total piping extension and installation environment condition, etc.
 Timing Tracking Capability As a standard, transit time of the link is 1.5 seconds or more. However, if plural places can be oiled at once, it can correspond to the speed accordingly.
 Kinematic Viscosity Range of Oil  Used 20 – 1000 mm2./s.
 Piping Capacity         Main pipe (Φ 8×6) = up to 30m.
Branch pipe (Φ 6×4) = up to 0.5m.
 Control (Control Unit) Oiling time exclusive type – Oiling time for all links is set in advance, and oiling will automatically stop after the predetermined set time elapses.
Oiling time accumulation type (option) – Only oiling time is counter accumulated.

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