Lubrication Method  “String lubrication method” oils by pouring down string oil on the lubrication  point of the chain. It is controlled either manually, or by operating the push  button switch, or automatically by using the control timer.
 Oiling Quantity  5 – 15 cm3./min.  (1 place)
 Oiling Capacity           Up to 8 places. However, capacity can be increased, by increasing the  discharge volume and pressure of the oil pump.
 Pressure Control  0.7 – 2 MPa.
 Kinematic Viscosity Range of Oil Used  20 – 2000 mm2./s.
 Piping Capacity          Main pipe (Φ 6×4) = up to 15 m.
 Branch pipe (Φ 4×2) = up to 1.5 m.
 Control (Control Unit)  Oiling time exclusive type – Oiling time for all links is set in advance, and  oiling will automatically stop after the predetermined set time elapses.
 Oiling time accumulation type (option) – Only oiling time is counter  accumulated.

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