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Classification of IHI Lubricating Systems
IHllubricating systems are classified in following table according to the pump drive system
and piping system: swiss replica watches

This is a centralized lubricating system to supply a proper amount of greaseoroilto a greater number of lubricating positions and to longer pipe lines mainly for heavy industrial machines by means of one automatic (or manual pump and its distributing valves permit adjustment of the oil flow rate.

The AUTO-GRASTAR is a small-sized centralized lubricating system. We confidently recommend this system for both its economy and performances having been developed on the basis of our long experience and research efforts, meeting varied requirements for various automobiles and small- and medium-sized industrial machinery of every kind.
In addition to the manual type pump.motor-driven pump. mechanical drive pump and pneumatic pump are also available.
This is also available in double line type (with two main lines) and single line type (one main line), both featuring simplified structure and saving of piping materials.

A single line, progressive and end piping type is to assure supply of a fixed quantity of grease or oil to numerous lubricating points.
Use of one mainline and endtype construction facilitates the mounting work on the machinery and connection of the pipe, thereby reducing the piping material and installation costs. Adoption of a progressive type distributor permits production of alarm sounds through the various alarm devices in cases where lubricant is not being supplied even to one position.

This system provides automatic lubrication of a fixed quantity of timing-spray oil to the lubricating points of a chain conveyor without nipples. All operations are performed by a pneumatic system.

This system has been developed to save more man-power in grease (or oil) filling work which is indispensable to pumps
and reservoirs for various types of lubricating systems.
A grease stalion is installed for each plant or each lubricating line in order to provide automatic and centralized supply of grease and oil to several grease reservoirs.

This system ensures supply of the predetermined amount of materials regardless of the temperature and viscosity conditions. TWQ series products of CVM and ACV are available depending on the type of precise fluid dispenser used. The type most apprOpriate to the material used and application can be selected. Rolex DateJust Replica
The unique method assures even the finest adjustment of the discharge rate correctly. Reliable
operation is made USing the air pressure.
The suction back function provided can also prevent post-leakage of material.

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