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Lubricating appropriately without spending human labor is becoming an important issue for lubrication in recent years. The advancements of machines and devices are making the structure more and more complicated, increasing the lubricating points, and its operation is becoming high speed, along with advancing toward automation. Therefore, instead of perlorming manual lubrication which associates with many labor and dangers, highlevel lubrication management that will lubricate appropriate amount of grease to appropriate points periodically is becoming necessary. What answers to this is the IHI centralized greasing system.  swiss replica watches

IHI centralized greasing system has been manufactured since l939, contributing to the automation of greasing mounted at the rolling plants.

It has been marketed as an individual product from 1946, and it is used in various industrial machines, transportation machines,chemical machines, construction machines, water turbines, etc.,achieving good reputations.

IHI, who has the longest history and superb technologies as a centralized greasing system manufacturer, recommends the adoption of this equipments with a full responsibility.


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