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IHI Lubrication System For Progressive Type (One way Type)

1. Composition of oneway lubricati on system

2. Lubricating Pump
    2.1 Manual type
        Model SKA-214
        Model MP-222P
        Model MP-322P
        Model MP-323 & MP-326

    2.2 Motor-driven type
        Model EP-11B
        Model EP-11B-5

    2.3 Air-operated type 
        Model AP (AP-5,B,10)
        Model SKA-BOO
        Mode l SKA-BBI

3. Distributor of Model B series
        Operation of distributor for Model B series
        Model BS distributors
        Model BM distributors
        Model BL distributors
        Model BK distributors
        Attachments of distributors
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4. Grease Pack
        Model SGP-16
        Model SGP-I 04


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