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Machine tools such as general-purpose presses and machining centers have been rapidly automated and made faster and consequently
they have been more and more complicated and had more and more lubricating pOints for faster working operations.

Judging from this, such machine tools have required means for safer and more effective management lubrication, particularly unattended
means for lubricating correct amounts of grease periodically.
Recently, effective lubrication of correct amounts of grease has been very significant and ICM.

ICM has been developing, manufacturing and distributing various kinds of centralized (dual line) lubricating systems since 1939. They
have been widely used for forging machines, paper-making machines, cement plants, sewage disposal plants, garbage burning plants,
chemical plants, loading and transferring machines, mining machines,water gates, etc. with good reputations.

Such centralized (dual line) lubricating systems have been employed mainly by heavy machines. Auto Greastar is a kind of such centralized
(dual line) lubricating system that are redesigned for general light machines, automobiles, etc.

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